Fido: The Hangover

We have already established that I love bagels.

But my favorite bagel or bagel sandwich in Nashville is…… (drum roll)… the “Hangover” from Fido.


The one above was probably left in the toaster a weeeee bit too long. But it still tasted amazing.

This delicious morning treat (served all day) is made up of a plain bagel, plain cream cheese and THE BEST SAUSAGE, ever. Sometimes I mix it up and add a over medium fried egg, ’cause, protein!

TBH, maybe it is the incredible sausage that takes this bagel sandwich to the next level. But I’m not sweating it, all I know is this baby is my go-to breakfast sandwich. If you don’t believe me, check my Postmastes history, it’s embarrassing.

Got a big meeting? Bagel. Celebration? Bagel. Sick day? Bagel. Friday? Bagel. Weekend? Bagel. Pay day? Bagel.

You get the gist, if you in Nashville and you in the mood for a bagel.. GO TO FIDO. Tell ’em Hannah sent you. Jk, they won’t know who you’re talking about.

xo H



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